May 16, 2024
Macbook Air

Apple liquidates the stock of its MacBook Air, the reduction has never been so CRAZY ⚡

It is still with the online brand Cdiscount that it is once again possible to achieve the deal of the century on this excellent MacBook Air M1. As a reminder or for information purposes, the latter marked in 2020, the first major change for the range, with the introduction for the first time in history, of a chip developed by Apple, instead of Intel CPUs. .

Launched at 1,299 euros, the MacBook Air has seen several price drops over time, reaching 939 euros in recent weeks. The good deal offered by Cdiscount allows you to have it below 800 euros, very precisely 799 euros in its gold color, with 256 GB SSD and 8 GB of RAM memory.

The MacBook Air is at the lowest price, it’s here:

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. During the French Days, a few hours were enough for its price to start to rise again, and until today you could equip yourself with it for 849 euros. It is also at this price that the silver color is displayed, still on Cdiscount. If you want to buy it at the best price ever seen since its release, now is (again) the right time.

As always, Cdiscount offers fast and free delivery to the address of your choice, anywhere in France. You also have the 14-day withdrawal period which allows you to return products that do not suit you and obtain a refund in exchange. Finally, this MacBook Air comes with its Apple manufacturer’s warranty, enough to be covered in the event of breakdowns or manufacturing defects.

MacBook Air M1, an Apple bestseller

The MacBook Air M1 below 800 euros is clearly madness. No other Apple computer offers such value for money, not even the MacBook Air M2 which is sold 300 euros more expensive in the same storage and RAM configuration. Concretely, this MacBook Air M1, although it was released in 2020, still offers an ultra convincing experience. It has not lost any of its quality over time, and is a wise choice for those who want a powerful, compact and lightweight laptop that is easy to take anywhere.

If you are a student, we can only recommend it to you. In terms of performance, this MacBook Air M1 does much better than some recent Intel processors. Without a fan, it is also completely silent, and almost never heats up, even when you use it intensely. For studies and projects that do not require the use of resource-intensive programs, it will do the job perfectly.

Just like for more basic uses, such as office automation, internet browsing, or even video and music streaming. This MacBook Air comes with a 13.3-inch Retina screen with a definition of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels, guaranteeing excellent image quality. Colors are rich and vibrant, contrasts deep, and viewing angles excellent. There is also a 720p webcam, coupled with 3 microphones which will allow you to make video calls in very good conditions.

On the security side, you have the famous Touch ID fingerprint sensor, placed in the power button. All it takes is a simple touch of the latter to unlock the device, but also approve certain transactions or access your password-protected files. With a keyboard offering typing comfort renowned as being among the best on the market, its large Force Touch Trackpad with very high precision, this MacBook Air is a little marvel, easy to use.

Its operating system, MacOS, is one of the most intuitive and easy to use. If you’re coming from Windows, it’ll take a little getting used to, but once you get used to it, there’s no going back. Finally, we could not fail to highlight the excellent autonomy of this MacBook Air, which impresses, since it can last up to 18 hours without having to go through the charging box. For less than 800 euros, there is currently no better equivalent from Apple.

To see the good deal on the MacBook Air M1, it’s here:

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